Saturday, January 17, 2009

Watchmaker – Erased from the Memory of Man

Erased from the Memory of Man

Watchmaker embodies fury. They are the ONLY band that may actually be more pissed than Insect Warfare. You’d know this if you had picked up the Hirudinea/Watchmaker split EP that was posted two weeks ago. If you want to hit the link real quick, I’ll wait…

Now that everyone’s caught up, you may have noticed that Watchmaker has two basic settings: blastbeat and faster blastbeat. Much like Discordance Axis, Watchmaker’s style of grind makes no attempt to mimic death metal. Even on “Therapeutic Dirt Nap”, one of the “slower” songs on Erased from the Memory of Man, the band can’t write a song that doesn’t reek of torment. Neither of the two guitarists plays lead. Instead of a lead/rhythm dynamic, everybody plays rhythm and the goal is to deafen people. Melody has no place here. The Watchmaker experience is equivalent to being murdered in the projects. This is not for the squeamish.

Watchmaker - Erased from the Memory of Man


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