Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shank – The Curse of Shank

The Curse of Shank
625 Thrash

There’s there's an undeniable power-violence vibe on this record, but it’s closer in spirit to the Society of Friends than Man is the Bastard. Speaking of Society of Friends, Shank was also a super-technical band that played really fast. The Curse of Shank is almost like grindcore but it’s way too rooted in hardcore fury to be grind. Besides, grind is often far more straight-forward than this record.

Shank is one of those bands that plays a combination of familiar styles, in a new way. It’s original in the sense that Warhol was original. To put it another way, Shank is kind of like listening to a Tarantino movie. No mosh, no metal. Just brutality.

Shank – The Curse of Shank


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