Monday, January 5, 2009

Weedeater - ...And Justice for Y'all

...And Justice for Y'all
The Orchard

Weedeater is the band that picked up where BuzzOv-en left off. ...And Justice for Y'all is packed to the gills with chicken-fried Dixie-sludge marinated in Sabbath LPs and bong resin.

The song "Monkey Junction" is a monstrous epic that is rapidly becoming one of my all-time favorite songs. Why wasn't this song a big, hit single? Oh yeah, America has no taste. All the poser, hipster bands playing "rock-n-roll" should take note. Weedeater is grizzled as fuck. This is what hate sounds like.

My only complaint is that the bass is mixed too loud and it drowns out the guitar during the faster songs. Then again, Dixie Collins (ex-BuzzOv-en) is one of the tunesmiths, so his instrument is bound to be displayed prominently. You need this is you claim to be down with ignorant Southern metal.

Weedeater - ...And Justice for All


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