Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Iron Lung - Sexless/No Sex

Iron Lung
Sexless/No Sex

Sexless/No Sex is the landmark album by Seattle/Reno/wherever's Iron Lung. They play crazed, two-man power violence with issue-oriented lyrics. No, Iron Lung isn't one of "those" bands. When I say message, I mean that they are a thinking person's hardcore band. I wish more bands could write outstanding, original songs like "Pig Hands", "Medic" and the title track.

Sexless/No Sex has tempo changes every 10 seconds and the song structures are unusual, to put it mildly. DC the Medic gave me this LP for Christmas and it hasn't left the turntable. It's one of 2007's best albums; as well as one of the decade's best.

Iron Lung - Sexless/No Sex


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