Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Employer, Employee – SIC,[SIC]

Employer, Employee
Robotic Empire

Employer, Employee is one of Austin’s truly unsung greats. They were one of the early signings to the once-promising Robotic Empire label and then promptly broke up, right as they were hitting their stride. As someone who was there, I can testify that they assassinated people in the live setting. The members went on the form such bands as Asp and Sea of Thousand, but it wasn’t the same.

SIC,[SIC] is stuffed with blistering tech/grind in the vein of Burnt by the Sun, but played faster and nuttier. This was Employer, Employee’s only LP and it should be savored as such. Robotic Empire has been promising to reissue SIC,[SIC] for years. I suppose we’ll have to settle for the mediafire link for now. Hey, Robotic Empire! How about a vinyl reissue?

Employer, Employee – SIC,[SIC]


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