Saturday, January 10, 2009

Infest - Discography

Deep Six

You know that Infest CD that Deep Six Records has said will be "coming soon" for, like, five years? Here it is. Everything (well, damn near everything) released by the titans of West Coast power violence.

If you don't know the Infest sound, where have you been? They are too pissed to live and too ignorant to be free. The man is not down with Infest. You should be. This is hardcore, played at a ridiculous speed, with caveman sludge and an intense hatred for everything and everyone. Highly, highly recommended, 10 fucking skulls, yakkity-yakkity, wocka, wocka.

Seriously, you need this.

Infest - Discography


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DC said...

This was such a cool band, what happened to them? Why did they break up? Maybe they really were too brutal for this dimension.