Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Immortal Fate – Beautiful

Immortal Fate
625 Thrash

My first brush with Immortal Fate was seeing their name in an old 625 Thrash ad. The label described them as sounding similar to Incantation (who I think are the bee’s knees). I always wanted to check out the band, but I never did. Flash forward to years later and I’ve finally got my hands on the Immortal Fate LP.

For as much as this band claims to be death-metal inspired, I don’t hear it. Sure, they swiped Incantation’s breakdowns, but Beautiful is still firmly rooted in Bay Area grind. The death metal influence heard on this record sounds more like Autopsy and Obituary’s mid-paced moments. They aren’t anywhere near as fast as Incantation. For the most part, Beautiful sounds like Plutocracy, No Less and other Bay Area grind-violence bands. It’s pretty good for a bunch of punk rockers playing metal.

Immortal Fate – Beautiful


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