Saturday, January 3, 2009

Animosity - Animal

Metal Blade/Blackmarket Activities

Welcome to the world of flat-billed-hat wigger death metal. MTV and the like call it "deathcore." I think that it's disgusting that "they" are trying to mass-market another pre-packaged youth trend.

Don't blame that on Animosity. They play new-school death metal in the vien of Decapitated and the Black Dahlia Murder, but with breakdowns inspired by Korn rather than Unbroken. I guess that's a hallmark of "deathcore." Whatever. To me, it's just another tool at the musician's disposal.

For a band that treads dangerously close to Hot Topic territory, Animosity pulls of this brand of metal forcefully. Animal is way tighter than Genesis by Job for a Cowboy, even though it's still a riff salad at times. I suppose another reference point is All Shall Perish but I hate that band. Animosity rules. You can't help who your fans are. People like what they like.

Animosity - Animal

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