Friday, February 27, 2009

The Black Hand - War Monger

The Black Hand
War Monger
Chainsaw Safety

This is yet another band in the Cursed family tree. The Black Hand features pre-Cursed, post-Ire members and plays a fusion of thrash and crust. Like all of the bands in this little cabal, The Black Hand is good but this is my least favorite of them.

War Monger sounds like an evil punk record but it’s far more metal than would-be contemporaries like Tragedy of From Ashes Rise. This sounds like a mix of Poison Idea and the Accused, although “Falling on Deaf Ears” has a slight High on Fire feel to it. War Monger is similar to the first Jesus Fucking Christ LP, in it is middling and not nearly as good as it should be. It’s not a band album. It’s just a tad bit of a letdown if you have heard Cursed before this record.

The Black Hand – War Monger


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