Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1349 - Hellfire


This is one fucking pissed black metal album. Although Faust from Emperor (err, Frost from Satyricon. Whoops. -BNF) plays drums, 1349 doesn't rest on any ex-members tag. They don't need too.

Hellfire is very similar to Panzer Division Marduk, in that both albums verge on being Satanic grindcore. Don't get the wrong idea. As fast as 1349 plays, there's an impressive amount of instrumentation. The song "Nathicana" exemplifies this. This is the kind of black metal I like. Did I mention that they're fast? Check out "Celestial Deconstruction" to hear what speed really sounds like.

Edit: I stand corrected. Thanks to anonymous for point that out.

1349 - Hellfire


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Anonymous said...

That's Frost from Satyricon on the blindly fast drums.

The 1349 records are style but not much substance.

Frost also drums on Gorgoroth's Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam, an much more satisfying record.