Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cadaver - ...In Pains

...In Pains

Oh yeah. This reminds me of riding the bus to school with my old cassette walkman. Considered a second-tier release by Earache in 1991, ...In Pains has gained a cultural cache in the years since. It was around the time of their 2001 reunion as Cadaver Inc. that the metal public finally got hip to this very cool record.

Although from Norway, Cadaver has extensively studied from the Big Book of Swedish Death Metal. Then again, it might be the Swiss Book. ...In Pains is heavily inspired by Celtic Frost but played far more technically. Imagine if Cynic were as heavy as Bolt Thrower. This is what Cadaver has managed to achieve.

Cadaver was one of those bands that got caught in the transition from Slayer/Possessed-style death metal to the Deicide/Morbid Angel style. ...In Pains has a grim and kvlt feel without drifting into either black metal or goth territories. It's a good record with an old-school feel (in a good way).

Cadaver - ...In Pains


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