Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adumus – Invincible Black Order

Invincible Black Order
Infernal Waves

This is grim fucking Texas Black Metal! I have no knowledge of Adumus’ various beliefs on various issues and I don’t want to know. The wrong answer would spoil this awesome band for me.

Adumus’ style of black metal is informed by the Norwegian bands but it’s not content to merely copy Emperor. An aspect of Invincible Black Order that I enjoyed was the extended, Bathory-style verse riffs in its songs. How kvlt. Also, the fruity, Lord-of-the-Rings keyboards are kept to a minimum. Keyboards are superfluous for this sort of band. At least they’re not distracting.

I’m no expert on black metal troo-ism, but Adumus is the real deal. There’s no Hot Topic falseness on this record. Recommended for frost-bitten Southerners.

Adumus – Invincible Black Order


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