Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sepultura - Dante XXI

Dante XXI

As someone who grew up listening to Fear Factory, I've never had a hang-up about concept albums. When artfully executed, concept albums are a rewarding experience. Dante XXI is one such album.

This 2006 effort is Sepultura's interpretation/exploration of Dante's Inferno. Guitarist Andreas Kisser and vocalist Derrick Green did a great job lyrically, exploring the nine circles of Hell. Coupled with the paintings of Stephan Doitschnoff, you should really buy Dante XXI to get the proper experience.

Musically, this is the first album in the Derrick Green era that I've honestly enjoyed. It's the first time since Chaos A.D. that they've played their patented brand of rythymically hot, musically coherent thrash metal. Highly recommended.

Sepultura - Dante XXI


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