Friday, February 27, 2009

Cattlepress – Hordes to Abolish the Divine

Hordes to Abolish the Divine

Operation Phoenix Records has an awesome zine library. You should check it out; I did. Back in the late 90s, zines like Maximum Rock and Roll and Heart Attack couldn’t heap enough praise on Cattlepress. I remember when Hydrahead incessantly advertised this album for months. Flash forward to 2009 and I’ve just now heard this album for the first time. Hordes to Abolish the Divine is sludgy, discordant hardcore that, at times, sounds like Buzz Ov-en but without the groove. It sounds like a less-technical version of Craw at other times.

After 10 years of residual hype, maybe I did come into this with high expectations. Of the D.C. bands from this period (Enemy Soil, Pig Destroyer, etc…) Cattlepress is the least crucial. I prefer Meatjack to this. As far as those zine recommendations go, it makes me wonder if they even listened to the records back then. Hell, do they now?

Cattlepress – Hordes to Abolish the Divine


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