Sunday, February 8, 2009

324 – Rebelgrind

HG Fact

Prior to hearing Rebelgrind, I didn’t know much about 324. Besides the fact that the band’s from Japan, I knew that 324 released material through the legendary HG Fact label and that they were on the greatest split LP ever. I didn’t know what to expect from Rebelgrind other than a safe feeling that it wouldn’t suck.

It’s a good record but, for some reason, I expected an Insect Warfare-style blast fest. It’s not. Instead, Rebelgrind serves as a reminder that grind is a punk invention, not a metal one. How many grind albums can you name that have sing-along choruses? This one does. Besides being old-school grind and very fast, this record is loud. Everything about the 324 experience is loud. This is your band if you like loud punk but wish it were heavier.

324 – Rebelgrind


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