Tuesday, February 10, 2009

-(16)- – Bridges to Burn

Bridges to Burn

Most band reunions are unholy disasters. This reunion didn’t happen soon enough. It shouldn’t have happened at all. I wasn’t the only one who wished that -16- never broke up in the first place.

Now signed to Relapse, -16- actually has access to resources for the first time. Bridges to Burn is the most polished -16- record as a result. It sounds cleaner but the basic recipe of sludge metal for stoners and depressives remains unchanged. This ain’t radio friendly. It’s the same old -16-, just cleaned up some. This may count as selling out to some but come on. Get a grip. -16- never got their due the first time around and aspects of their sound, like the vocals, are much improved over the old albums. I’m glad that these guys reunited.

-16- - Bridges to Burn


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Anonymous said...

best band ever. Seriously.