Monday, February 9, 2009

Less Than Jake - Losing Streak

Less Than Jake
Losing Streak

Admittedly, Less Than Jake isn’t very metal (Slayer cover song EPs aside), but I’m not going to let anyone say that Losing Streak isn’t brutal. The wiggle between the notes is what makes rock music rock and Less Than Jake wiggled out of their collective pants.

What’s more, Losing Streak and Nevermind have something in common. Both albums were the culminations of the scenes that birthed them. Where Nevermind was the end-result of the SST-era of bands, Losing Streak is the end-result of the Gainesville (FL) punk scene. Huh?

Think about it. During the ska-punk explosion, Less Than Jake’s buddy bands were, by and large, other Floridians and not the other ska bands. Yes, they often toured with Kemuri but Less Than Jake weren’t world-class ding-dongs, like Voodoo Glow Skulls. Plus, I doubt that I’m the only one to notice that Less Than Jake smoked the fuck out of the other ska bands. Less Than Jake was and still is one of this style’s marquee acts. Highly recommended for humans. Johnny Quest still thinks you’re a sell-out.

Less Than Jake – Losing Streak


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