Friday, February 27, 2009

Achilles – The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse
Hanging Hex

Rochester’s Achilles is a new-school Upstate New York hardcore band. The band’s sound is informed by screamo and math-rock. More importantly, The Dark Horse is the total sonic opposite of anything released by Earth Crisis.

Upon listening to The Dark Horse, strong influences of both Botch and Orchid are immediately detectable. There’s nothing moshy about this album. Upstate has had about enough of that forever. Instead, you have Achilles, along with Syracuse residents Engineer and Ed Gein, creating music that more in line with this decade’s Boston scene. This is a must-have album for the adventurous and a welcome breath of fresh air. Recommend for those who did not go to the Mayhem festival last year.

Achilles – The Dark Horse


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