Wednesday, February 18, 2009

As the Sun Sets – Each Individual Voice is Dead

As the Sun Sets
Each Individual Voice is Dead
Moment of Clarity/Trash Art!

This is a dense record, overflowing with seemingly-clashing influences, that defies classification and terrorizes the listener. On their now-legendary debut LP, As the Sun Sets plays with the precision of Origin, the intensity of Luddite/Clone and the outrageousness of The Red Chord. Plus, the band has Today is the Day’s bleak worldview. It’s a crafty mix of technicality, artfulness and moshpit brutality.

“Searching for a Reason to Carry On”, the opening track after a truly horrifying movie sample, is an epic. Each Individual Voice is Dead could only be compared to Fused Together in Revolving Doors. It’s filled with super-technical, metallic hardcore that verges on grind; imagine an experimental Watchmaker.

Drummer Jon Syverson is something else. His well-placed double-bass acrobatics and furious cymbal crashes make this album heavier than it already is. He, along with vocalist Alexis Marshall and bassist S.M. Walker, formed/morphed into Daughters following the demise of As the Sun Sets. The former guitar players formed Bury Your Dead. This is fitting. It’s as if the two halves of As the Sun Sets’ personality split apart. Highly recommended.


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