Monday, February 2, 2009

Between the Buried and Me - Colors

Between the Buried and Me

This is definitely metalcore in the vein of Al Life Once Lost but there's more going on underneath. It's certainly not the Gojira/Lamb of God/Meshuggah/Pantera parts; those aren't new. No, I dig Colors because, on this album, Between the Buried and Me remind me of a couple of Texas bands: The JonBenet and At All Cost. The keyboards on this album really remind me of At All Cost. Was this the band that influenced the other two? Probably.

I hate to admit, but I resisted listening to Between the Buried and Me for a long time. They were one of the bands that Victory incessantly advertised during Headbanger's Ball a few years back. So I ignored them and that was a bad move. That's why discovering the link between this band and the Texas bands is "new" to me.

Anywho, this is non-Swedish metalcore with an intense progrssive streak along the lines of Radiohead. Plus, it's not a pose or a put-on. Colors is a very pleasant surprise. Recommended for people who are sick of all the music they own and want to hear something new. This is your band.

Between the Buried and Me - Colors


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