Thursday, February 1, 2007

Hit Me Back - Life

Hit Me Back
625 Thrashcore

Ultra-posi, thrashing punk by So Cal kids, barely out of high school, which will put a smile on your face while you’re wind-milling in the pit. This is the best, nay, the only way to describe the monster that is Hit Me Back.

The band takes a traditionally simple style of music (straight-ahead punk rock) and adds complex arrangements that give their songs a density not usually found in the genre. Their song “I’ll Never Turn in my Raffle Tickets for Your Prize” is the best example of this dynamic songwriting on “Life”.

Another example is Hit Me Back leading off both sides of the “Life” LP with acoustic passages. This is Metallica’s old trick of using quieter parts to make the heavy parts heavier. There’s more to be found on “Life” than killer riffs. Their lyrics are killer, too.

The digital age, via numerous internet technologies, has brought forth a new level of cowardly trash-talking. Hit Me Back, through their lyrics, remind everyone that you still need to be a good person, no matter where or when. Their anthems of friendship, unity, and honesty are a welcomed change of pace from the defeatist attitudes held by so many other bands.

If you think punk has become stale, then you’re not looking hard enough. Wise beyond their years, Hit Me Back say that it’s possible to have a good time while doing the right thing.

Here's a live clip of Hit Me Back playing "I Walked Outside and It Smelled Funny."

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