Monday, March 5, 2007

Skinless - Miscreant

Hater of God

The result of their first recording session since the “Foreshadowing Our Demise” album, the “Miscreant” EP is a snapshot of Skinless in a transitional period. “Miscreant” was recorded with drummer George Torres, who would soon be replaced by Origin’s John Longstreth, only to return back to the band a few years later. This 7” also marked the first changes to Skinless’ patented brutal, guttural death metal sound.

Not counting the intro and outro tracks, three songs can be found on “Miscreant.” The demo versions of “Deathwork” and “Miscreant” are here, though both songs would later appear on “From Sacrifice to Survival.” The song “Condensing” is 20 seconds worth of riffs from “Foreshadowing Our Demise.”

For the uninitiated, Skinless play brutal death metal that is both rhythmic and heavily percussive, with humorously bent lyrics. It’s unfortunate that Torres didn’t play on “From Sacrifice to Survival”, because his most fierce drumming is on this EP. Noah Carpenter plays his guitar as a lead instrument although he rarely solos or plays leads. This is likely a result of Skinless’ incorporation of hardcore into their death metal mechanics. Think of it as a reverse Full Blown Chaos.

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