Thursday, February 1, 2007

Dead Wrong/The Banner - split EP

Dead Wrong vs. The Banner
Split EP
War Machine/State of Mind Recordings

Dead Wrong is more boring than Blood for Blood and even less original. Their side of this 7” is the sort of by-the-numbers moshcore that you ve heard a million times before. Dead Wrong’s Cro-Mags-inspired hardcore sounds like what would happen if Terror binged on pain pills. Fortunately, Terror will never binge on pain pills. Unfortunately, Dead Wrong did record this music.

Dead Wrong plays mid-paced “chugga” riffs coupled with the same drum rolls, crashes, and fills that Sick Of It All played on Blood, Sweat, and No Tears. Dead Wrong is a competent band, but I don’t want to hear another band that plays old-school hardcore. You’re much better off actually listening to the Cro-Mags and Sick Of It All instead of Dead Wrong.

The Banner is the reason to listen to this 7”. The Banner also plays tough guy moshcore, but they do it with a horror-inspired flair. Not like the Misfits and certainly not like AFI, think more along the lines of recent Himsa. Unlike Dead Wrong, The Banner understands that this sort of music needs to be played FAST. Effective breakdowns and shout-along choruses that make you want to punch the floor and terrorize your neighbors. “No Surrender” is a mosh pit anthem. Like many of the other split EPs actually worth your valuable time, only one side is worth listening to. Take a wild guess which side that is.

Dead Wrong vs. The Banner


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