Thursday, February 1, 2007

Flesh Parade - Kill Whitey

Flesh Parade
Kill Whitey
Relapse Records

Deep from the bowels of Louisiana, Flesh Parade has crawled out of the bayou and they’re not having it. These maniacs have dispatched some of the most brutal grind ever recorded. Released in 1997, Kill Whitey stained the already prolific New Orleans metal scene and has been causing post-traumatic stress disorder in listeners ever since.

The vocals are delivered by a pure madman. It’s the finest in tortured “vo-kills”. Buzz saw guitars keep one killer riff after another flying out of the speakers. Flesh Parade’s devastating rhythm section will beat you into submission, and then bang your wife.

Take the best elements of Suffocation, old Napalm Death, and Mortician, add Abita Beer and Tabasco Sauce, and you’re left with the best grindcore band in the south. I have the 7” (gray marble vinyl, ha ha), but the CD has bonus tracks on it. If you’re into grind, go get Kill Whitey right now.

Although the band was devastated as a result of Hurricane Katrina, they’re currently working on new material.

Flesh Parade - Kill Whitey


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