Thursday, February 1, 2007

His Hero is Gone - The Dead of Night in Eight Movements

His Hero is Gone
The Dead of Night in Eight Movements
Prank Records

His Hero Is Gone plays devastating, crusty hardcore. It’s the sort of music that makes the genre worth your valuable time. These Tennessee natives don’t believe the hype and prefer to let their songs do the talking. “The Dead of Night in Eight Movements” is a perfectly executed EP and proof that at least someone is keeping punk alive.

Produced by Noah Landis (of Neurosis fame), someone who knows what quality hardcore sounds like, “The Dead of Night in Eight Movements” is a truly dark piece of aggressive rock music, bypassing any genre restrictions. His Hero Is Gone use the Metallica dynamic, where the use of slow passages make the heavy parts heavier, to great effect. The best example of this is the use of piano in the songs “Epidemic” and “The End Result”. Don’t get me wrong, His Hero Is Gone do not indulge in Isis-style, mellow guitar licks. This is as brutal as any power violence/crust gets. With their furious thrash assault, creative, melodic (gasp!) tempo changes, and anti-technology slant, His Hero Is Gone doesn’t care about trends, only music.

In recent years, the members of His Hero Is Gone have gone on to form the band Tragedy. Their name has changed, but the game stays the same. Top notch musicianship coupled with the total creative freedom provided by the DIY ethic allows His Hero Is Gone (and now Tragedy) to create a modern masterpiece. If you are in any way, shape, or form a fan of punk music, then search out a copy of “The Dead of Night in Eight Movements” immediately.

Here's a live clip of His Hero is Gone from the More Than Music festival in Columbus, Ohio.

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I recommend that you check out this audio interview our friend did back in '98.