Thursday, February 1, 2007

KMFDM - Rules

Wax Trax!

“Rules” is a 12” single the way they used to get made. You know, remixes that are actually interesting to listen to and are executed in a creative way. Having been a casual KMFDM fan for years, I bought “Rules” at Renaissance Records in Killeen, TX back in 1997. I remember being very impressed with the song “Son of a Gun”. It was more danceable than Fear Factory, but heavier than Nine Inch Nails. Then I moved several times, the years passed, and I virtually forgot about this record.

Flash forward to the summer of 2005. I’m listening to “The Sound and The Fury” (the all-night metal show) on Syracuse’s K-Rock radio station late one night. Lo and behold, they play “Inane” from the “Rules” EP. I immediately got that warm and fuzzy feeling. “I have that record”, you know? Having heard the song through fresh ears, I found a new respect for KMFDM.

As previously mentioned, KMFDM are one of the few acts who know how to do remixes properly. They also legitimately combine metal and dance music together, unlike other industrial acts. They didn’t forsake the guitar like Consolidated and Nine Inch Nails often do. They avoid abandoning their dance roots by effectively using keyboards and synthesized percussion. The modern hip hop producers should take notes on how to do it right.

Plus, who doesn’t love the artwork of Brute? Like always, he did the cover art for “Rules”. All in all, “Rules” is a great record for when you can no longer fight that urge to shake your rump and do the bedroom mosh at the same time.

Here's a clip of "Son of a Gun" from "Rules", live in Atlanta.

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