Thursday, February 1, 2007

Phobia - Get Up and Kill

Get Up and Kill
Deep Six Records

As a long time Phobia fan, I was thrilled to see “Get Up and Kill” on the shelf at Vinyl Edge. I immediately snapped it up and put it on the turntable as soon as I got home. A new Phobia release never disappoints, but “Get Up and Kill” was even better than I expected.

“Get Up and Kill” isn’t exactly a proper new album. Side A has eleven new song of killer socio-political crusty grindcore and Side B has six live track recorded in Newport Beach. The new songs are as good as any that Phobia has recorded. If you’ve heard this band before, then you know the drill: blast beats, low-vocal grunts, high-pitch tortured screams, and blistering guitar work.

Phobia is the rare grind band that benefits from proper studio production. The studio polish doesn’t make them sound any less raw. Phobia is the even rarer grind band that plays political hardcore, but never sounds redundant. Quite an accomplishment.

The live tracks slay. This is Phobia in their natural environment, harassing emo kids and inspiring riotous behavior. No one got hit with a bass at this show, as far as I know. (We all know the Real TV story, right?)

Deep Six Records did an excellent job with the packaging of “Get Up and Kill” and the label always makes an effort to keep prices down. I encourage all of you to order “Get Up and Kill” directly from Deep Six and help keep quality hardcore in the hands of the people and out of the hands of big business.

Here's Phobia playing a house party somewhere in California.

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