Thursday, February 1, 2007

Books Lie - I Felt Like Such a Loser...

Books Lie
I Felt Like Such a Loser, Until I Realized I was a Winner
Level Plane Records

Books Lie is quite an unusual band. I suppose this is what is called “post-hardcore” but I hate that phrase and I won’t use it. I will say that Books Lie is the musical middle ground between The Locust and The Mars Volta. Books Lie also reminds me of the more cerebral bands like Keelhaul and Anodyne.

Books Lie has a great drummer and they make effective use of keyboards and other electronics, but they don’t ever forget how to rock. “Marker” has riffs in the same vein as Every Time I Die and Between the Buried and Me, but doesn’t sound metalcore in any way, shape, or form. Then, Books Lie turns it around and gives you a song like “Thanks Easter Bunny”, which is similar to Refused’s electronic weirdness.

Books Lie may not be the most original band, but they are able to combined different aspects of the music you love in an original way. “I Felt Like Such a Loser...” is great for scratching that adventurous itch in your listening habits.

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