Thursday, February 1, 2007

Cave In - Perfect Pitch Black

Cave In
Perfect Pitch Black
Hydrahead Records

By now, everyone knows the story of Cave In’s struggles with RCA, so I’ll spare you the details. It would be glib of me to say that their Foo Fighters songs didn’t work out so they had to go back to playing Slayer riffs again. Though, as always with Cave In, there’s more going on with this band than just what’s on the surface. It would be equally glib to say that Perfect Pitch Black is the album they should have made instead of Antenna. If they could predict the future, then they would rule the world.

So what are we left with? Perfect Pitch Black is the ultimate combination of their old sound and their new sound. This album has the brutal intensity of Beyond Hypothermia and the thoughtful musicianship of Jupiter. Perfect Pitch Black is just what the doctor ordered to get Cave In’s career back on track. Perhaps it was Dr. Thompson who issued that prescription, but certainly he would understand the necessity of this band to regroup and recommit to what made them so unique among the other Northeast metalcore bands.

Many of the songs on Perfect Pitch Black were intended to be their second album for RCA. When that record contract was dissolved, Cave In went ahead and finished the recording process, adding a few more one-off tracks along the way. Hopefully this is beginning of the third chapter in the Cave In saga, as opposed to a swansong for the band. If there were any justice in the world, “Down the Drain” and “Trepanning” would be Top 40 hits instead of Fall Out Boy, The Killers, and all that other horrible crap. “Screaming in Your Sleep” is the kind of high-energy song that these Bostonians have not written in years. Cheers to Perfect Pitch Black and cheers to Cave In. It’s great to have you back.

Here's Cave In playing "Trepanning" off of "Perfect Pitch Black", live in Paris.

Cave In - Perfect Pitch Black


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