Thursday, February 1, 2007

Time's Up - Discernment

Time's Up
Chainsaw Safety Records

Time’s Up is another band in the tradition of great New Jersey hardcore. The most notable thing about Time’s Up is this is the previous band of Chris and John from Burnt by the Sun. Unlike Human Remains (former band of the rest of Burnt by the Sun), one listen to Discernment and you can tell that this is the musical skeleton of Burnt by the Sun.

Time’s Up played technical hardcore with an obvious Rorschach influence. They took what Rorschach was doing, streamlined it a little, and cranked up the audio violence knob. Killer riffs, well placed changes, and a devastating rhythm section give this three song EP an unmatched brutality.

Discernment is one of those perfectly executed 7” records that makes you want to leave the house right now and search out more of their music. As a matter of fact, the songs on the Burnt by the Sun/Luddite Clone split sound so much like the Discernment EP, I can’t help but wonder if they were left over Time’s Up material.

On a side note, Discernment was recorded by Steve Evetts at Trax East Studio. How many great bands has this guy worked with? Dillinger Escape Plan, Hatebreed, Earth Crisis, this list goes on and on. It’s almost like he’s this decade’s Scott Burns, except that Steve Evetts is way better.


John said...

Thanks for the kind words and yes some of tunes were left over TU songs ;)

Kelley said...

POST A LINK!!!!!!!!