Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Warriors - War is Hell (Redux)

The Warriors
War is Hell (Redux)
Eulogy Recordings

Hardcore, by the kids and for the kids, is standard procedure for The Warriors. These California natives’ pair their pure-bred mosh riffs with lyrics that sting the soul. Uncompromisingly straight edge, The Warriors pick up in the confrontation department where Earth Crisis left off. The difference, however, is that The Warriors have far more in common, musically, with Terror than Earth Crisis. With only a slight metal influence, they make effective use of Slipknot style noodling over what would otherwise be another by the numbers hardcore album.

I do think it’s irresponsible to compare their suburban California lives to warfare when two wars are being fought right now. There are soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan getting shot at everyday and their experience holds nothing in common with some brat who’s feeling were hurt when someone made fun of their Give Up the Ghost hoodie. I doubt that I’m the first person to point this out and I don’t say it to defend one political side or the other. I say this because The Warriors are a very talented band and it would be a shame if this oversight turned off people who would other wise dig the band.

War Is Hell (Redux) is an incredibly tight album. The two bonus tracks on Redux (this is the reissue of War Is Hell) showcase the band’s remarkable progress after a year of touring as professional musicians. As good as the record is, I walk away anticipating what their future material will sound like. The Warriors are only a few years out of high school and, if they can keep their heads on straight, this young band should have many years of creating quality hardcore ahead for them.

Here's a live clip of "Set the Stage" from "War is Hell".

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