Thursday, September 10, 2009

End of Summer Countdown

It's that time of year again. School is back in full swing. Yankees and Canadians are bracing for snow which should start falling in about three hours or so. Yes, Summer is unfortunately over and we're embarking on the death march that is the final quarter of 2009. None of you went outside and did anything while the weather was nice because you were too busy downloading music. Let's take a gander at the most popular downloads on No Funeral during the Summer of 2009.

1. Earth Crisis - To The Death

One of 2009's finer album smoked (ha!) the rest of the competition with 389 downloads. That's over 150 more than #2 on the list. I love this record and clearly you guys do as well.

2. Coalesce - 0:12 Revolution in Just Listening

Is it 2009 or 1999? Another recently-reunited, much-missed, 90s metalcore band scored a hit this summer. Coalesce's classic album 0:12 Revolution in Just Listening racked up 223 downloads.

3. Pig Destroyer - Terrifyer

Long-time No Funeral favorite Pig Destroyer continues to perform well with 212 summer downloads of this classic LP.

4. -tie-

Assuck - Anticapital/Blindspot/+3

Hatred Surge - Collection 2005-07

Old-school meets new-school in an orgy of Southern grind/violence in the #4 position. Assuck and Hatred Surge each pulled down 190 downloads during the summer.

5. Pelican - The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw

Pelican occupies the final spot on the list with 185 downloads. I would say that they swooped into #5 but you deserve better than that.

Thank you for your continued support of this website. Traffic and downloads on the site keep increasing and I'm humbled by the whole experience. I'm pleased to know that there are so many people who take this music seriously and don't treat it like a disposable widget. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write. I love hearing from you.

Finally, the "cover" photo at the top of the post is dedicated to Grim Chris Spann. Two can play at that game.



Anonymous said...

pig destroyer assuck and hatred surge are like god to me

No Funeral said...

...and to a lot of other people, myself included.


that earth crisis records is fucking awesome they were never that good!it rips!

206-grind said...

Good to see blogs pumping Assuck. High on my list as well.