Thursday, September 17, 2009

Too Gay To Rock

Too Pure To Die

It's been some time since I posted something that sucks. My generally view on bad music is to ignore it. There's too much good music in the world made by worthy bands to waste time on the chumps, but I feel that it's my duty to show the nation that I'm not looking at things through rose-colored glasses.

Which brings us to Too Pure To Die. These jokers went from metalcore to nu-metal to deathcore while enduring 4000 line-up changes in the span of a few years. The band was really good at selling merch and not much else. Confess is an album of tepid deathcore junk. Half of the record was co-written by Jamey Jasta, which explains a lot. Fortunately, these posers broke up a few weeks back. Adios, Too Pure To Die. You will not be missed.

Too Pure To Die - Confess




hate this crapcore stuff!file under piece of fucking bullshit kiddie core!


yeah I know its a warning and poeple should be thankful for this!I think Id rather have aids than listen tot his crap!