Thursday, September 3, 2009

Devoured, but not Wasted

Everybody Goes to Hell
Time Devourer

Yeah, I know I said I was going to be gone for a few days but you guys should know the drill by now. If I say I'm going to post everyday this week, that really means that I'll see you next week. If I say that I'm taking a few days off, then new stuff will be posted tomorrow. What can I say? Welcome to Dick Cheney's America. In all seriousness, I'm working on a multi-part posting project that will (hopefully) expand the parameters of what a music blog is and can do. In the meantime, let's get into some Everybody Goes to Hell.

Straight out of Bowling Green, OH, Everybody Goes to Hell plays d-beat hardcore with a twist. I'd expect nothing less from Midwestern weirdoes. I love Midwestern hardcore precisely because the stuff is never played straight and always delivers a left-hook to the listener.

The self-released Time Devourer has the typical d-beat influences of Discharge and Anti-Cimex but the other inspirations are what make the EP a rich listening experience. There are shades of Poison Idea's thrash attack and hints of the His Hero Is Gone/Tragedy sound. Drew of Everybody Goes to Hell expressed a particular love of Italian screamo like La Quiete and Raein.

I've heard to many people, especially my co-workers, bitching about the lack of good music these days. That's a totally jive argument and all No Funeral readers know it. There's tons of good music out there. In the last week, this site alone has posted Bowel, Tona, and now Everybody Goes to Hell. I challenge you to support these hardworking bands. All Houstonians need to be at the Die Young show at Walters on 10Oct09. Everybody Goes to Hell has a handful of shows lined up over the next few weeks. I also challenge all Ohio/Kentucky punks, grinders, and thrashers to check out this band. Backed!

Everybody Goes to Hell - Time Devourer



Anonymous said...

this sounds pretty sweet. glad you got it in mp3 format

Anonymous said...

ya i been super lazy on the blogs try to get that worked out tho been workin on a texas grindcore post but having trouble with finding a fifth band so far i got insect warfare, plf, kill the client, and 50/50 i know your from texas any suggestions?

also imma toss ya up on the blog roll now