Friday, September 25, 2009

Chainsaw Justice rules, but...

In response to this review of the Magrudergrind S/T LP from Chainsaw Justice, I feel the need to defend the album. I post a short review of the album without much information the other day, so let me explain why the record doesn't suck.

The charge of Magrudergrind selling out to Willowtip is a tad ridiculous. Six Weeks released the LP so Magrudergrind still has some respect and affection for the grind underground. It's my assumption that the album's polished sound is the result of having resources and higher-quality recording gear available to them for the first time. They've got the toys and they're going to use them. Everyone does. The sound on the new record is not an attempt to court the MTV/Hot Topic crowd. If that's the case, the change in their sound would have been drastic and not a mere polish.

Chainsaw Justice compares the S/T LP to Napalm Death's Harmony Corruption. It was not meant as a compliment but it's a totally fair comparison. Magrudergrind has adapted/changed their sound to include influences from the more professional metal scene, namely Nasum and Trap Them. I enjoy this change and I think it brings a dynamic new element to their sound. Besides, some of us enjoyed Harmony Corruption.

With No Funeral, I evaluate bands and records on their musical content. Other aspects of a band's existence are given consideration but whether or not said band is bringing it on their instruments is the key, deciding factor between whether they suck or not. While I fully understand the points raised by Chainsaw Justice, I have no qualms with the new music produced by Magrudergrind and you shouldn't either.

However, if you're the grim and kvlt type who prefers raw, DIY hardcore, give Coke Bust a chance. It's straightedge thrash by members of Magrudergrind.

Coke Bust
Lines in the Sand
Six Weeks

Coke Bust - Lines in the Sand



206-grind said...

If it's any consolation, S/T is a lock in my Top 10 Grind Albums of 2009. I'm just pissed that they blatantly changed direction.

Andrew Childers said...

cool. i was just thinking of snagging some coke bust.
i was kicking around my top 10 recently as well and i think there's room for magrudergrind. this seems to have been a year with a lot of good grind but not necessarily great... that was until my most recent box of goodness arrive in the mail.