Wednesday, September 9, 2009

democracy in action, part one

Aim for the Sunrise
The Bigger Picture; Hope

My man Fairty requested The Bigger Picture; Hope by Aim for the Sunrise. I'm here to give the people what they want and this is what at least one person wants. See... the shoutbox gets you results.

At first glance, this EP seems to be more swoopy-haired nonsense. However, DC the Medic (who is lost in the ATX somewhere. Where are you, dude?) once pointed out that many a cool band in the 80s had ridiculous haircuts. Even Repulsion had terrible 80s hair. You can't judge anything off of appearance, so let's move on.

Upon closer inspection, some cool stuff is occuring in The Bigger Picture; Hope. Formed last year by teenage Swedish maniacs, Aim for the Sunrise earns points for being a young band with NO deathcore tendencies. Instead, you get early 2000s-style melodic metalcore in the realm of early Killswitch Engage and early Poison the Well. The clean vocals don't come off as whiny as those by Howard Jones. Aim for the Sunrise brings serious heaviness alongside some seriously epic riffs while not forsaking melody.

As well-worn as this style may be, it sounds refreshing coming from this band. Maybe that needs to be chalked up to youthful enthusiasm. Moments akin to Refused abound on The Bigger Picture; Hope, but I suppose with the band being from Sweden that it's only natural. The only clunker on the EP is the title track and even it recovers in the second half of the song. A band you need to keep your eye on has produced some very cool stuff.

Aim for the Sunrise - The Bigger Picture; Hope


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