Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pig Destroyer - Book Burner

Pig Destroyer
Book Burner (Bookmark Burner version)

When you visit the No Funeral Ranch, you've got to understand that Pig Destroyer is revered around these parts. Myself and everyone who has ever written for this website are all big fan of the Maryland grindcore band. We think of Pig Destroyer in the same way most normal people think of THE BEATLES.

ON that note, I present to you Pig Destroyer's fifth studio LP Book Burner. The version of the album presented here is a special mix from producer/guitarist Scott Hull that was distributed as a download printed on some sweet looking bookmarks. I picked up my book mark at End Of An Ear Records in Austin, Texas. Hull calls this the Wide Dynamic Range - Deluxe Version or the Bookmark Burner version.

To be honest, I'm not enough of an audiophile to tell any real world difference between this version and the album version. Either way, you get the same kick-in-the-balls grind with JR Hayes's always literate, always creepy lyrics. Killer, mandatory hate!


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