Monday, January 27, 2014

Periphery - Clear

Distort Records

One of the fringe benefits of running websites like this one and MindSplinter Radio is that people drop stuff off to us all the time, both physically and digitally. So, it was a wonderful surprise when the new Periphery album showed up in our in box. Our? Yes, No Funeral Prog Editor and MindSplinter Radio host Rocky Reidel is the other part of "our" inbox and we were way stoked to get it. How stoked? So stoked that we reviewed the record together. Enjoy!

Brian: This is Periphery's experimental record. Each member of the band was in charge of writing and producing one song each and Clear is the collected volume of those songs.

Rocky: Oh, I already like it

Brian: This record is about to be the hot new thing. Expect a top 20 debut on the Billboard chart.

Rocky: Really? Impressive.

Brian: The scene-kids love this band because they're new school and Hot Topic friendly but the adults in the crowd like them to because they can play their asses off.

Rocky: Not a fan of the lyrics, though but sweet melodies and good prog. Yeah, they sound like teenagers. The voices, I mean.

Brian: Sumerian Records signed them out of high school. When their contract was up, Century Media scooped them up in a NY Yankees move.

Rocky: hahaha, Yeah, good snag. Ugh, the voice of the lead singer is killing me though

Brian: That's what I mean by "new school" This age group can't get past the My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy style of singing.

Rocky: Yeah, I hate that style. I can roll with the growls or deep vocals like Peter Steele, but not the teenage style stuff.

Brian: I dig this record because they sound like Dream Theater without coming across as music school elitists.

Rocky: Yeah, I can see that. I hope they mature vocally. They could really go places. I don't see how these bands can sing like that for 20 years, they sing from their throat or mouth instead of the chest and lungs. Seems like they would damage something.

Brian: That's a breathing technique. There's all kinds of instructional DVDs about how to do harsh vocals without hurting yourself.

[long pause]

Brian: Sorry. I had to look up the song name real quick. "Feed The Ground" is an incredibly heavy song.

Rocky: They are pretty good, don't get me wrong. They just need some growling lessons or just hire James Hetfield. He isn't doing anything is he?

Brian: He's embarrassing himself at the Grammys right now.


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