Saturday, January 4, 2014

Goo Fish - "One Deep"

Goo Fish
"One Deep"
previously unreleased

Christmas came early this year. I found what was thought to be a lost Goo Fish track. Of course, keeping with No Funeral tradition, I didn't post the track until a month later but that's not important right now. What is important is the story behind this song.

Crucial Chris had written some lyrics about a former lady friend of his. Unfortunately, none of the music that became The Four-Notch Road Tapes fit these lyrics. Fortunately, one fine day in SketchTown, Crucial Chris skipped work and got wasted. Instead of binge-watching daytime TV, Crucial Chris wrote this song. Local hip-hop enigma SCHWEATTY BALLZ swung by and dropped guest vocals.

The finished song, titled "One Deep", was intended for inclusion on a CD compilation that got scrapped. Shortly afterwards, Crucial Chris bounced the fuck out of SketchTown. A few months after that, both Crucial Chris and I searched high and low for the missing song but it had disappeared.

Flash forward three years.

I was going through a box of demos when I stumbled across an unlabeled CD-R. I put it in the CD player not knowing what to expect. As soon as the drum machine kicked in, I knew I had found "One Deep." During the time it was missing, another Goo Fish album had been released. What strikes me about listening to the song now is how different it sounds from The Four-Notch Road Tapes and from the new album Late Night Creepy Uncle. "One Deep" is an atypical Goo Fish song but it serves as a nice snapshot of the band in between periods of heavy production.

Crucial Chris recorded "One Deep" in SketchTown in 2010 using a Korg keyboard, a Jackson Flying V guitar, and a janky four-track recorder.

Crucial Chris would like to thank Lone Star Liquor in Huntsville, Chris' Liquor in Huntsville, Spec's Wine & Spirits in Conroe, Ricky's Liquor in The Woodlands, and the SketchStore (that dude still hasn't had a day off).

Schweatty Ballz uses and endorses heroin.


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