Monday, January 27, 2014

Dead Earth Politics - The Weight of Poseidon

Dead Earth Politics
The Weight of Poseidon
Genuine Recordings

The Weight of Poseidon marks my sixth review written today so forgive me if this is brief. What we have here is a popular Austin metal band flirting with national recognition. Dead Earth Politics sounds like equal parts IRON MAIDEN, LAMB OF GOD, and PANTERA. The Weight of Poseidon features guest vocal performances from 101X personalities Deb O'Keefe (The Morning X) and Chuck Loesch (No Control Radio). No, they don't sing. They serve as the actors in the skits in between the songs. Cool idea.

My only real gripe with the record is with the tracklist. The CD leads off with "Artistic License", one of the worst pieces of crap I've ever heard. Really, truly it's a garbage song and that's when things get weird. The second song, "Dos Cuerpos", was a local radio hit in Central Texas, garnering radio play on 101X's No Control show, UT's student station 91.7 KVRX, and Texas State University's station 89.9 KTSW.

The rest of the album is outstanding so what you should take away from this is to skip the first song and then enjoy the power groove of Dead Earth Politics.


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