Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Wasteland (Vol. 4)

"It's better to be in Metallica than to not be in Metallica." - Lars Ulrich

Lars dropped that nugget of wisdom in Some Kind of Monster and it has become the band's mantra ever since. They came dangerously close to breaking up and (at least I'd like to think) the world is a better place with Metallica in it than without.

I had a good year. All the pieces fell into place. I have a loose outline for what I hope to accomplish in the new year and, most of all, I feel grateful to still be in the thick of this swamp called underground rock music.

It's better to be in the game than to not be in the game.

Today's album is the doom/sludge classic Dawning by Mindrot. I'll post a proper review of the record after the New Year's holiday.


That, right there, is the central motif of No Funeral. Each and every record has a story behind it. Let's discover them together.

It's better to live in Austin than to not live in Austin.

This was the year where everyone showed their true colors. This country is at a point in its history where riding the fence is no longer permitted. How will history judge you?

Choose your side. There is a war. This is a weapon.


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