Monday, December 23, 2013

Sike - Demo 2012

Demo 2012

This demo tape was passed to me by Deltoid Biceppia of 99 Miles of Bad Blogs. Please visit his website for the best in underground rock music.

The first thing that struck me about Sike's 2012 demo is the mixture of different straightedge styles from the Eastern U.S. Sike sounds like equal parts COKE BUST and SSD with some old-school AGNOSTIC FRONT/WARZONE stuff jammed in there. I also hear moments reminiscent of MINOR THREAT and even DISTRICT 9. Not only is it cool that Sike is playing a modern version of the classic straightedge hardcore punk sound (i.e. not metalcore), did I mention that the band is from the Ukraine? Who's ever heard of the Ukrainian straightedge scene? This is just further proof that hardcore is a worldwide phenomenon, hardcore is here to stay, and technology is allowing everyone from all corners of the to be heard and seen by all.

Precious little else about the band is available online. No Facebook. No website. I suppose they're "keeping it old school." Then again, maybe the band is being affected by the current Ukrainian political climate. Maybe they have a headache. Who knows? Sike does have a Bandcamp page (linked above) with this demo posted and its 2013 demo as well. Of course, the 2012 demo is available below. Play loud and remember, "Hardcore worldwide!"


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