Wednesday, December 18, 2013



The WSTLND EP by Austin's DSGNS was released last year and, in this writer's opinion, it should have raised the band's profile higher than its current level. That's not to say that DSGNS is some obscure, kvlt band that avoids sunlight. DSGNS is well-known in Central Texas, if not the entire state. The band is a consistent draw on its own headlining shows and also serves as an energetic opener for the national touring act that frequent pass through town. DSGNS is one of those bands teetering on the edge of hitting the big time.

DSGNS successfully blends several styles together with interesting results. The most obvious component of its sound is the super-technical metalcore of DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and THE FACELESS. As a matter of fact, DSGNS headlined an after-party for BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME last year, so this should provide a clear indication of the foundation of the DSGNS sound.

But then there is the other side of the DSGNS sound and that would be the noise-rock influence. The chaotic riffing of BOTCH, THE JESUS LIZARD, and BIG BLACK can be heard all over the WSTLND. This combination of styles is not easy to play and requires a lot of imagination. Honestly, I thought DSGNS was going to get signed off of this record, maybe to someone like Sumerian or Victory.

But this ain't over yet. Maybe America hasn't caught up to the DSGNS funk yet. Maybe this is the band's year. There's a show scheduled for January at the Dirty Dog on Sixth Street. Check what all the fuss is about for yourself.

EDIT: I was contacted by the band and they let me know that they will not be playing the Dirty Dog in January. However, they will be playing with PACK OF WOLVES at Red7 on 4Jan14. --Brian No Funeral 24Dec13.


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