Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mindrot - Dawning


It's a brutal, grainy, overcast, nasty, depressing day here in Austin and we only get about 15-20 of these days each year, so what better time than now to dive into some harrowing-yet-elegant gloom metal. Orange County, CA doom band MINDROT is one those "they shoulda got big" stories. Musically speaking, the Dawning LP is the middle ground between TYPE O NEGATIVE and DYSTOPIA (ironic because both guitarist from Dystopia were originally members of Mindrot. They left in 1992 but Dawning was released in 1995. Go figure...).

Mindrot was dominating the LA metal/punk scene back in the early 1990s. Appealing to both punk rockers and metalheads, the band was opening for all the big shows in Southern California and had signed to Relapse Records. Alas, the inability to stay out of jail coupled with (alleged) substance abuse issues led to this band's premature demise when drummer Evan Kilbourne split to join ska-punks SAVE FERRIS in 1998.

Yeah, if these guys could have kept it on the rails, Mindrot could have played the Ozzfest, had a video on Headbanger's Ball, and generally ate from the tree of rock success. It wasn't meant to be but at least this SoCal powerhouse left us all with some kick-ass music.


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