Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nasum - Grind Finale (a.k.a. Up Yours, 2013)

Grind Finale

Attention No Funeral faithful! Don't sleep on this record. You've got to hear this. This is the ultimate rarities collection from the ultimate grind band of the modern era. Let me explain.

In the mid-1990s when NAPALM DEATH swapped its punk foundation for a death metal one, it appeared that grindcore as a sub-genre had reached its logical conclusions. Then, karma smacked said sub-genre in the face when Nasum released Inhale/Exhale in 1998. Nasum brought a new level of musicianship to the grind's blinding speed. The band sparked a new wave of abstract thinking in grind bands. Nasum was beloved in its time but the band tragically ended when guitarist/vocalist Mieszko Talarczyk died in the 2004 Thai Tsunami disaster of 2004.

...But enough about the bummer stuff. Grind Finale is 152 tracks of blastbeats and psychotic guitar playing underneath a genuinely deranged vocal delivery. These songs were originally released as...

Disc 1:

1-6 Blind World split 7" EP with AGATHOCLES
7-15 Really Fast Vol. 9 compilation LP
16,33 previously unreleased
17-24 Smile When You're Dead split 7" EP with PSYCHO
25-32 Grindwork 4-way split 3" CD
34-47 Domedagen demo
48-66 Industrislaven LP
67-82 World In Turmoil 7" EP
83-90 The Black Illusions split 7" EP with ABSTAIN

Disc 2:

1-16 Regressive Hostility compilation CD
17 In Defense Of Our Future (DISCHARGE tribute CD)
18-21 tracks from bonus 7" included with Inhale/Exhale LP
22-25 split 7" EP with WARHATE
26-29 previously unreleased
30 The Bloodbath Is Coming compilation double 7"
31-34 outtakes from Human 2.0 sessions
35 Requiems Of Revulsion (CARCASS tribute CD)
36-40 split 7" EP with ASTERISK*
41-45 split 7" EP with SKITSYSTEM
46-48 Polar Grinder compilation LP
49 Japanese bonus track from Helvete
50-56 outtakes from Helvete sessions
57-58 Japanese bonus tracks from Shift
59-62 outtakes from Shift sessions

So, this year ended up being a pretty cool year. This post is more than likely the last one of 2013 and I'm glad that I kicked this year in the ass. I'm even happier that you were along for the ride. It was a bizarre year. Had to change my thinking around the reality of the situation. Got a lot of stuff done. Accepted the challenges of life and met them head-on. Yeah, there was some bummer stuff that went down but it's cool. I'm looking forward to next year. This should be cool. Stay tuned for more idiocy.


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