Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bowel - Ploughers of Land and Sea

Ploughers of Land and Sea
Skum Records

Crawling out of the bayous of Houston is Bowel, purveyors of epic, suicidal sludge in the vein of EYEHATEGOD, BUZZOVEN, NEUROSIS, and similarly-minded deranged lunacy. Simply listening to Ploughers of Land and Sea will cause you to fail a drug test. Pregnant women and those taking anti-depressants are not recommended to click on the below-posted full album stream.

I feel comfortable saying that Bowel has been mistreated by the "music industry." This record itself was released under a cloud of controversy. Ploughers of Land and Sea was issued by the short-lived Skum Records in 2005. [I actually interviewed the owners of Skum Records way back in 2006 for the debut issue of No Funeral. I guess I'll post the really old stuff (eventually). -BNF] Skum Records only released four CDs before shuttering and this was one of them (another was the first INDISGUST album). Suffering from poor distribution and promotion, the four-song EP failed to attract much attention outside of Texas and Louisiana. Without addressing or dignifying any rumors concerning it's former label's demise, it's fair to say that Bowel suffered from business missteps that were no fault of its own. But Bowel soldiered on.

In the past two years, Bowel has been more active than ever before, consistently opening for national tours in Houston and writing new material. As a matter of fact, here's a funny anecdote, taken from the band's Facebook page, about opening for MORBID ANGEL at Warehouse Live on 4Dec13:

Either the lead singer of Morbid Angel or one of their tour managers decided we were playing for too long and during our last song they turn the vocals off and started playing the house music and during the last song came up to the stage and was trying to get us to stop and when we stopped at the end of our song they wanted to f****** argue with us it made Morbid Angel look like total f****** douchebag

I'd like to think that 2014 is the time for Bowel to shine. Hopefully, these high-profile gigs the band has been booking will lead to more people becoming fans. Sounds to simple, doesn't it? All you Houston maniacs, you can check it out for yourself tomorrow:

...and don't forget this show on the 29th:

No word on whether or not Bowel will be making the trip to Austin with EHG for the next night's show at Red7. We can only hope. Houston weirdos! You have no excuse. Both of the shows are at Fitzgerald's, hardly an obscure hole in the wall. Let's do this, Texas!


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