Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Videodrome (I)

If it feels like the last week's worth of posts have all been "quick hits", it's because they have. Like I said yesterday, big things are cooking in the SRLCO Laboratory but the No Funeral train keeps on rolling. This marks the beginning of another new column titled Videodrome which is exactly what it sounds like. This is a collection of brutal, trill, and ignorant video clips with news and notes throw in the mix. Got a video that the world needs to see? Send is to Now, on with the show...

Two people got stabbed during Broken Hope's set in El Paso last night. The band is currently on tour with Deicide. Details of the attack have been sparse, although the members of Broken Hope reported that one of the victims had his throat cut with a boxcutter. You better believe that No Funeral will continue to follow this story. Below is Broken Hope's entire set from 5Oct13 in Delaware.

Now on to happier things, like one of the coolest music videos I've ever seen. Long-running straightedge band Down To Nothing got very creative with a small budget and came up with a winner. Check it out:

Speaking of cool, there's nothing particularly special about this next video (typical MTV fare) but, man, what a song! You should know this one already...

I wonder if Ol' Dirty Bastard still has coke in his shoe. You know? A send-off thing, kind of like GG Allin's funeral. Think about it.

Since we've already "got dirty" once, why stop now?

We kept it dirty. Now it's time to keep it real.

...really real.

How much reality can you take?

...annnnnd close with a little silliness.

See you next week.


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