Monday, October 28, 2013

Seeker - Unloved


Unloved is the debut LP from the Lone Star State's latest "next big thing", D/FW's own Seeker. The band clawed its way out of the club scene, annihilating audiences at The White Rabbit, Walter's, The Dirty Dog, and other Texas music venues; but now, with Victory's backing, Seeker is ready blast the new jams to the throngs of new fans pouring into such legendary clubs as The White Rabbit, Walter's, and The Dirty Dog.

But enough about that. What's going on with this record?

Simply put, Unloved is a mixed bag. I suppose the motif of the album could be described as DL from THE ACACIA STRAIN playing lead guitar for REMEMBERING NEVER. More than the overpowering mosh attack, Unloved is dripping with an undeniable influence of Calculating Infinity-era DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. The best songs on the record, such as "Dominance" have the fewest Dillinger-isms about them.

Unloved is a solid debut from a band trying to navigate a difficult music business. I suppose my only genuine complaint is that this record so immediately and unmistakably sounds like the works of other bands that it distracts from any band-voice that Seeker can construct. Any momentum the band builds gets derailed when that riff from that Remembering Never song. If you like this style of amelodic metalcore, there are other bands (XIBALBA, LAST TEN SECONDS OF LIFE, etc...) that play this exact same style much better. Unloved sounds great and is an enjoyable listen but I'm not sure if anyone will be jamming this five years from now. I look forward to Seeker eventually producing a great work of art in the future. Unfortunately, this ain't it.

Hey, at least they didn't rip off The Faceless.

Here's the video for the title track:

Here's the video for "When Hope Fails":

Here's where things get tricky. Victory Records is hosting a full-album stream of Unloved but only for the next 24 hours. Click here to jam the new Seeker LP. You've got until Tuesday night (29Oct13).


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