Thursday, October 17, 2013

Meth Drinker - partial discography

Some people say that they've heard it all and that everything has been done already. Those people are wrong. Other folks will tell you that there aren't any new bands worth jamming. Those people are also wrong. There are plenty of new bands doing exciting things and METH DRINKER is Exhibit A.

Formed in 2010 and hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, Meth Drinker plays soul-crushing, sludge-ridden doom. This is absolutely panicky, desperate, grief-stricken music for people already on the edge who need a little nudge over the side. This is dreadful shit; not because it's bad but because it inspires dread.

Want a taste? Here's the official video for the song "731" off of Meth Drinker's split 12" with OPEN TOMB:

Harsh, huh?

I suppose the obvious and immediate comparison that Meth Drinker draws is to EYEHATEGOD. While I wouldn't deny that Meth Drinker is influenced by EyeHateGod, I don't hear that much of a direct comparison and EyeHateGod is an inspiration to all bands that play slow and destructive metal/punk like this. When I listen to Meth Drinker, I hear something far more murderous than EyeHateGod. EyeHateGod was too fogged by alcohol and drugs to be as precise and focused as Meth Drinker. Focused on what? Fulfilling that murder/suicide pact. There's only one way out of this...

What I love about Meth Drinker is an unhinged combination of some supremely evil sludge/doom/hate/nihilism bands: DYSTOPIA, THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE, GRIEF, and CORRUPTED. This is music for people who smoke angel dust at 10:00 a.m. Along with the uplifting aesthetics of the previously-mentioned sludge bands, Meth Drinker shares the same dead-world philosophy and aesthetics as DESPISE YOU and WORLD BURNS TO DEATH, even though Meth Drinker doesn't share their sounds.

Meth Drinker kicks total ass. As previously mentioned, this is a new band that is actually worth your valuable time, energy, and money. Check out the Meth Drinker Bandcamp page to hear a few songs off of each release.

So far, Meth Drinker has released a self-titled 7" and a self-titled LP. The band also released split 12" EPs with Open Tomb and MOLOCH. Good luck finding those in the states. Full U.S. tour now! In the meantime, the proper way to jam Meth Drinker is alone in the dark with a loaded gun in your lap.


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