Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Destroy - Burn This Racist System Down!

Burn This Racist System Down!

This will be another brief review as I've got new No Funeral goodies cooking right now, plus I'm still doing tons of lab work. Essentially, I'm trying to use both brain hemispheres for separate tasks simultaneously. We'll see how long this balancing act lasts. Today's post is dedicated to the KEEF MASTER (thanks for the inspiration).

Destroy was a crust/grind/maniac band that was around from 1988-1994. Featuring noted punk-rock essayist and Havoc Records owner Felix Von Havoc on vocals, Destroy played a ripping, distorted blend of SIEGE, REPULSION, and BOLT THROWER. Burn This Racist System Down! has a sound comparable to the classic Earache bands, especially the early crust bands like HERESY and CONCRETE SOX.

Burn This Racist System Down! is also notable for being the release that launched HAVOC RECORDS. In the years since this EP's 1992 release, Havoc Records has stayed committed to putting out pure DIY hardcore and grind with notable releases by bands as varied as Fucked Up, Kylesa, Wolfbrigade, and the Regulations. Havoc, the man and the label, is a lifer and we're all better off for it.

Destroy is a testament to Vavoc's desire to produce timeless music. Check out the song "Crowd Control." That jam doesn't sound 20-years-old. By the way, did you know that Destroy once released a 7" on Relapse? Did you know that my personal copy of this 7" is on purple, marbled vinyl; indicative of the third pressing? Life's wacky like that. Check out this brutal hate.


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